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Nickelodeon leak tally as of June 2014

  • 2008: Avatar: the Last Airbender Book 3 Volume 3 DVD was released BEFORE the episodes aired on TV (There wasn’t even any given release date for the episodes at the time).
  • 2008: Children’s adaptation of Sozin’s Comet (the Avatar series finale) comes out BEFORE the finale airs on TV and contains HUGE spoilers detailing the contents of the entire finale.
  • 2012: The Legend of Korra series premiere was found on Nickelodeon’s OWN website after someone discovered the easy and obvious password.
  • 2012: The fourth episode of Korra, A Voice in the Night, leaked the week before it aired on TV.
  • 2014: A Dutch commercial for Book 3 containing some spoilerly details airs months before any official footage of the season was released by Nickelodeon.
  • 2014: Four episodes of the Korra Book 3 Spanish dub were put up in their entirety by a Latin American website before any official footage or release date had even been announced for the season.

you missed:

  • 2006: atla book 2, lake laogai was leaked early on turbonick - the earliest leak i can remember but pales in comparison to what’s about to happen with book 3, so usually i don’t even bring it up
  • 2007: the headband leaked a week early on turbonick
  • 2007: the painted lady leaked - i remember this but i forgot where the leak happened, it wasn’t a nick site
  • 2007: the beach leaked on itunes (i think it was only like a day early, but still)
  • 2007: atla book 3 episodes 6-9 aired in the UK before the US
  • 2007: dobs leaked on turbonick
  • 2007: western air temple and firebending masters (2008 actually) aired in Canada before the US
  • you got the rest

2013: Book 2 Finale released in the Nick site when Korranation challenged the fans if they could get 10,000 notes on a post on the same night.

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John Winchester’s journal

Well he’s quite the artist I’ll give him that

No, guys, do you realize…

The initials.


Henry Winchester.

It didn’t start out as John’s journal. Somewhere along the way, he found his dad’s.

It really is “Dad’s Journal.”

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I legitimately let out an “Awww!”

I don’t watch the show but I think Nick Fury just told Agent Coulson that he saved him using drastic measures because he’s an Avenger and I’m tempted to take it up again because his face has like eight different emotions in that last GIF.

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